AWS Fargate Deep Dive: What it is, when to use it and comparison with AWS Lambda and ECS
AWS Fargateディープダイブ : Fargateとはなにか、いつ使うべきか、LambdaやECSとの違いとは

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AWS costs every programmer should know

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Daniel Vassalloさんのツイート: "This is how I use the good parts of @awscloud, while filtering out all the distracting hype.👇1/25"

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How to Upgrade Amazon Aurora MySQL from 5.6 to 5.7 - Percona Database Performance Blog
Amazon AuroraのMySQLを5.6から5.7にアップグレードするには

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Notes on the Amazon Aurora Paper

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Amazon Aurora: on avoiding distributed consensus for I/Os, commits, and membership changes | the morning paper
Amazon Aurora : IO、コミット、メンバーシップ変更に関する分散コンセンサスを回避する

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